Samsung the Nanum Gallery | 2013


Space Design

Client – Samsung Electronics
Design Direction – BDCI
Store Design – BDCI, Ken


The Nanum Gallery
The first store is connected in Promotional space in HQ Seoul, and the 2nd store is located in a Promotional building in Suwon. ‘The Nanum Gallery’ is consist of three themes. Each of them exhibits and supports separate social contribution activities.

Location: B1, Samsung Seocho HQ, 11, Seochodae-ro-74-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


Samsung Collection
Various products such as postcards and miniature of the building and uniforms of Samsung Sports club consist the theme as souvenirs.

Samsung Collection | 2013


The Nanum World
‘The Nanum World’ theme contains a desire to expand its social contribution activities throughout the world. The seven characters representing S.A.M.S.U.N.G. are composing the products.

Samsung the Nanum Gallery | 2013


The Nanum Project
‘The Nanum Project’ exist to represent a variety of social contribution activities through the main character called “Heart Boy”. ‘Vegeterian Planet’ commenced as a first project, to share the thoughts about how we can live with the earth, the only one. The products for this theme are made of eco-friendly products and recycled notes that demonstrate the different texture depends on the content.

Samsung the Nanum Gallery | 2013


Image Wall
We utilized the characters we created to use as a background for to take a photo with kids, to avoid it becoming a boring explanatory board.

Samsung the Nanum Gallery | 2013
Samsung the Nanum Gallery | 2013