Product Design

2007 | by Murata Chiaki x BDCI

Winner iF Design Award
Winner Japan Good Design Award

Client – Coway
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Murata Chiaki


Specialized Product

The most important issue of the project was to react to the rapidly changing market, by the atmospheric environment. A new type of air purifier with humidifier product was needed, as the unique floor heating system of Korea in winter makes the living environment requires closed and makes very dry.




It had an approach of harmony with the environment, which was different from the existing lineups, as they were hard to suit the environment due to colorful or formative appearance. We wanted the product to be recognized as a product with a distinctive design when to compare with the existing ones, and set the identity as ‘air purifier with moist air’.



It became an opportunity to create a corporate image of the firm as a consumer electronic company that cares about the living culture of Korea in details.