Coway Water Purifier | 2010


Product Design
2010 | by Chiaki Murata x BDCI

Winner iF Design Award
Winner Reddot Design Award

Client – Coway
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Chiaki Murata : Hers Design Inc.


It was the new water purifier design after PETIT, which brought design innovation to the client. After designing all the main line up of Coway’s products such as water purifier, air purifier, and bidets, the trust was built along with the success of Chiaki Murata’s design. We designed Coway’s new appearance again.

PETIT model was designed in 2006, and we refined the CMF and UI for a new version. We applied new trend CMF and soft touch type UI. It was an unusual choice for refinement considering the market trend at the moment, as all of the appliances liked to adopt colorful patterns in Korean market back then. We decided to avoid the trend and keep everything simple. Also, it was important to focus on the user experience and features of the product, which customers will really want to experience when using it.

Coway Water Purifier | 2010