FAN | 2011


Product Design

2011 | by Murata Chiaki x BDCI

Winner Korea Good Design Award

Client – Samsung Electronics
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Murata Chiaki
Manufacture Direction – BDCI


Small Type

Personalized lifestyle affects consumer products, like this 12-inch fan for desks or bedrooms. It makes a different approach from existing fans.
It is quite small and short type of fan and installed the world’s first plasma ionizer for air conditioning hygiene.
Hidden display control panel made the fan look simpler and convenient to use at the same time. The primary element of fan remains while approaching to future of fan.

FAN | 2011



It was all about keeping the balance between being fresh but keeping the familiarity of the product as a fan. The combination of big and small curves creates rhythmic lines of the entire figure.
The handles act as a grab for portability and ventilation holes at the same time.

FAN | 2011
FAN | 2011