Direction for Osmosis

OSMOSIS | 2014


A big step for a change

We met a young home appliances cooperate, which has a base in Hong Kong. It wasn’t the systematic organization that we usually experienced, but the opportunity came to us to get involved,
as product designer Fumie Shibata paid attention to the passion and potential of Osmosis and it activated BDCI to be part of it.

The project started with a single product design request and it was necessary to spend lots of time with the founder to find out his own philosophy, personality and background of the project
through close communication with him.
It was necessary to make the ground express the message of ‘True Product Lasts a Lifetime’, which came from the philosophy of the founder that is applied to their products.

That was the start how we got involved in the entire process from the concepts, business model, mechanism of products, product design to manufacturing part.
We are still stomping the branding of Osmosis in general, such as Corporate Identity, The Web, Mobile Application, Packaging and even Advertisements.
The constant coordination is changing the functions and service system of Osmosis slowly.



2014~ | by BDCI

Client – Osmosis
Branding Direction – BDCI
Mobile App Design – BDCI
Web Design – BDCI



Conviction from the Experience

The founder of Osmosis is a young, evolving man.
He started to have different thoughts and hopes on home appliances from his wide range of experience.
Now, he is about to step a forward to manufacture his own original product.
Osmosis itself is also a young, evolving corporate.
We needed to re-arrange his philosophy and affection to products and a medium to spread out the thoughts.

We started to draw the future of his future, based on the interview and the stories that he gave us, before the launch of the first original product. This will be the world of Osmosis.



On the same start line

When the product starts new, the branding needs to be on the same start line as well.
It is never easy to get consumers’ trust to the product without the name value of the brand, even if the technology or philosophy seems perfect.
It’ll only bring chaos to them if the product and branding speak in a different voice.
Our initial goal is to make high-quality contents with delicate sense.

So we started to work on the optimum branding for the business.

OSMOSIS | 2014


The same voice

The founder is a fan of water purifier of Tongyang Magic, which is work of designer Fumie Shibata and BDCI. It is the perfect example of his philosophy, which is ‘Lifetime Product’.
The productWallis long-seller product for 8 years from release date. (2015, present)

He wanted a product design under the same loop of Fumie Shibata and BDCI working together.
The product design project commenced in advance, but the product and branding element was flowing naturally as we wanted.

We first wanted fix the basic motif of Osmosis.
It is something that is not square nor circle.
It is the formative definition which connects to the keyword ‘Long Life Product’ that is not bored, and not limited by certain shape.
It has similarity from the element which Fumie Shibata often use for her own work.

The motif can be easily found from CI, wordmark, font, product and more. Defining the basic of branding could help to begin to have the same voice for all element of contents.
That led us to create the best possible identity in a short period of time.

OSMOSIS | 2014



Osmosis is water-related cooperate, targeting worldwide.
Through many attempts, we tried an oriental experiment of a spread of blue color that express the beautiful flow of water which lead to Osmosis’ meaning.

The main color is blue.
The symbol is a crystal of water that shows the origin of Osmosis and introduces the business model directly.

While the multiple layers represent the evolution of Osmosis, and the layers are continued to the next layers, like products of Osmosis that will continue evolving.
The changing layers have lots of potentials and describe the new type of business model of Osmosis.

MOTIF | 2014



‘True Products Last a Lifetime’
‘Use of essential products for human life sustainability’

We started from shortening Osmosis’ philosophy in two sentences.
Electronic products were recognized as easily disposable things when they are behind trends or due to short life span.
We tried to refine the philosophy of its will to make products with the timeless design so they can replace or upgrade broken parts and satisfy with the aesthetic quality.



The motif for the symbol also applied to the word mark’s alphabet ‘O’. The wordmark flows softly, and the alphabet ‘O’ indicates number ‘0’, which is ‘empty’.
Before the end of the wordmark, the ‘i’ appears as number ‘1’, and it turns to ‘filled’. This shows the meaning of ‘myself’ and ‘sustainable product’ indirectly.




We focused on effectivity when choosing the font, and we found something soft and fluent as the basic motif of Osmosis, Din Round.
We found out later that Fumie Shibata liked to use the fonts for the presentation of Osmosis project.

OSMOSIS | 2014


Product Catalogue

We are constantly filling up the contents to deliver Osmosis’ deep intention to customers in a refined way. The leaflet consists of separate pages for each product so makes customers easy to find and keep the product information. The layered leaflet is easy to modify and add depends on the product lineup.

LEAFLET | 2016


Website Renewal

Osmosis is keep developing to establish fine brand concept. The website is a crucial stage to express corporate identity and general business model in essence. We renewed the website to refine Osmosis’ business model before the launch of original brand products. The website is becoming more durable based on the constant respond of feedbacks from their customers.



Mobile App

Development of Mobile application will be able to send the message to customers and also help to communicate for service easily.
Reflection of soft, sophisticated healthy water’s image will be considered to be adopted along with the convenient use of the application.




2014 | by Fumie Shibata x BDCI

Client – Osmosis
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Fumie Shibata : Design Studio S
Technical Direction – Thinksmaker

BB | 2014


First Impression

It is the first product with client’s long time wish and desired design.
Fumie Shibata is the designer who suits the message of Osmosis, ‘True Products Last a Lifetime’, with her design philosophy and ability to express her thoughts.
We had the opportunity to proceed the first step of Osmosis, the water purifier combined with capsule coffee machine.

TRAY | 2014



We believed the first product Osmosis will define the first impression of it, so we wanted to make the best of it.
Clear and intuitively expressed design helped to deliver product philosophy in a simple way. Analogue element was used partially, and it gives friendly and live impression,
which is hard to find today’s electronics.

EYE | 2014



We always kept the importance of first product of Osmosis and wanted to give a small but fresh impression. We came up with some ideas.
First thing was to give emphasis to the automatic ‘electronic’ product with a high degree of completion,
and the other thing was to make everything beautiful that user sees, including the rear part and the internal part.
We cared about every corner of the details, and it could be represented by the outer case of it, without any visible screw.
The high demand of insist of designer and manufacturer will be connected to the trustability to the customers.

BB | 2014


Exterior and Interior

When we first set the basic motif from branding stage was a shape that is neither circle nor square. It is, of course, the shape was planned to bring out the best outcome with Fumie Shibata’s design.
The combination of soft curves with straight line appears in both product design and branding contents, which gives consistency.

We planned the internal to be customizable structure, for the internal parts to be easily replaced and upgradable including filters.
We always kept in mind that the business model is a new type of one which will grow and evolve. This is reflected by the design of it, as we wanted to best out of it.
The users of the product will be able to see the internals anytime, as they can replace filters when needed.
We tried many prototypes with experts to re-arrange the internal parts’ layout from the scratch.




2015 | by Fumie Shibata x BDCI

Client – Osmosis
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Fumie Shibata : Design Studio S
Technical Direction – Thinksmaker

COMPACT | 2014



It was necessary to be prepared the trend of the water purifier market and we designed the compact water purifier with the essential functions.


Compact water purifier will consist the basic line up with BB. It is comparably placed lower price range than BB, but will remain the same formative language with the same level of quality with half the size.
What we always consider is to give them to make happy, but a difficult choice between BB and Compact. We hope to build the efficient line up with only two models, but with choice and satisfaction.


We could be able to make a new layout based on the experience of the BB’s internal design. It was hard to keep the functions and quality with 1/2 of the size,
but we started over again and could be able to maintain the stream of the design.

COMPACT | 2014


Identical design

Designer Fumie Shibata was able to create the stylish design for Compact with her signature curves.
We were able to make familiar UI with BB but a different type of it, and we kept design internals to be able to upgrade and replace the internals like BB.


The philosophy of Osmosis will be the new challenge to the existing electronics market.
It will act as the main role for the design identity of Osmosis and base of the growth at the same time.