Making a CSR Store



Global Social Consensus

Samsung’s PR office is open to public and located in HQ building, Seoul, where lots of travelers visit every day. The project initiated to spread out a positive image of Samsung’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) message.
BDCI designed over 200 types of Souvenir, starting from Catchphrase, Worldmark and two types of Character design, along with the store design and planning.

CSR represents as social contribution activities such as charity, donation, and environmental protection. Usually, Social responsibility stars from corporate’s concern for the people and the environment, to find a way to contribute to the society where they belong.

Samsung named the place as ‘The Nanum Gallery’, to exhibit Samsung’s social contribution activities and their souvenirs to share the value of sharing with people. (‘Nanum’ means ‘share sth with sb’ in Korean) The profit made from this shop will be donated to Samsung’s Global social contribution business called ‘The Nanum Village’, so let the people participate in the activities naturally.



2013 | by BDCI

Client – Samsung Electronics
Design Direction – BDCI
Graphic Design – BDCI



It means true awakening cannot be experienced or conveyed using word or writing. Since the spirit or thought that won at the end of the trouble, will not be able to fully expressed by words.
The ideal way to express the original form is to reveal frankly without hiding anything.


Gestalt Psychology

We tend to consider approaches by shapes for many reasons. People tend to recognize any incomplete shape as complete and positive shape. Selective perception takes only the necessary information that matches their impression and ignores any pieces of information that do not match, to keep the intellectual consistency of their impression. We can deny that we only want to see certain parts consistent with our position.
In other wants, what I see is what I want to see.




Based on the research on preference level of keywords from the consideration from above, ‘Hello!’ won the highest level. Final catchphrase became ‘Hello! Samsung’.
We tried to bring positive greetings cheerfully from Samsung, to evoke friendly emotions, as people often feel it as a huge and intimidating corporate.

We transformed Samsung’s CI symbol to a speech bubble, and it helps a lot to neutralize the resistance people have and also shows their interest to people in an intuitive way.



2013 | by BDCI

Client – Samsung Electronics
Design Direction – BDCI
Graphic Design – BDCI




We created a very open minded main character to express Samsung’s various social contribution activities while encouraging kids and visitors to commune. The characters are made of human and animal figures to represent Samsung’s social contribution, main products and places where they located. These continental locations will be related to the visitors’ home countries, so naturally makes them think the relationship between Samsung and themselves in hometown.



Heart Boy

‘I create and contribute as well’

The character named ‘Heart boy’ is holding a heart-shaped balloon. It was a proposal of a new sense of character based on the opinions and participations of people all over the world while keeping the base color and form.
We started with Samsung’s various employees and their positions, and it can be expressed as various ages, nationality and professions in near future.
The balloon that main character is holding represent ‘hope and dream’ that he’ll share with people. The big hands are the symbol of ‘mind to share’, and he is ready to be anywhere regardless the weather condition with his raincoat.



The World

The each character expresses the alphabets of S.A.M.S.U.N.G. to promote itself to the visitors from the world. Each animal represents the animals of the continent that Samsung is performing at the moment. These two types of characters are created based on the consideration of manufacturing, as well as use for videos, for future events.




2013 | by BDCI

Client – Samsung Electronics
Production & Design Direction – BDCI
Product Design – BDCI, Ayoung
Manufacturing Direction – BDCI, Eunyoung



‘The Nanum Gallery’ is consist of three themes. We wanted the store to have the originality of itself, so we thought about the stationery, outfit, figure, miniatures by using Samsung’s products and characters.


NOTE | 2013



T-SHIRT | 2013



We used wood and metal accessories to convey Korean traditional atmosphere.

PENDANT | 2013
MEMO CLIP | 2013


Animal Character Card

Everyone can make the animal characters out of the cards and share with other people. We wanted to use textured white paper to make the graphical element stands out by the press without any color prints. When kids received the card, they can color them whatever they want and fold to make the figures.



Heart Boy

BADGE | 2013
DOLL | 2013



We planned to make miniatures of Samsung products, but not just normal miniatures. We made TV as a photo frame, the printer becomes a  post-it dispenser, to give use while it acts as miniatures.




2013 | by BDCI

Client – Samsung Electronics
Design Direction – BDCI
Store Design – BDCI, Ken


The Nanum Gallery

The first store is connected in Promotional space in HQ Seoul, and the 2nd store is located in a Promotional building in Suwon.
‘The Nanum Gallery’ is consist of three themes. Each of them exhibits and supports separate social contribution activities.

Location: B1, Samsung Seocho HQ, 11, Seochodae-ro-74-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

STORE | 2013


Samsung Collection

Various products such as postcards and miniature of the building and uniforms of Samsung Sports club consist the theme as souvenirs.

Samsung Collection | 2013


The Nanum World

‘The Nanum World’ theme contains a desire to expand its social contribution activities throughout the world. The seven characters representing S.A.M.S.U.N.G. are composing the products.

The Nanum World | 2013


The Nanum Project

‘The Nanum Project’ exist to represent a variety of social contribution activities through the main character called “Heart Boy”.
‘Vegeterian Planet’ commenced as a first project, to share the thoughts about how we can live with the earth, the only one. The products for this theme are made of eco-friendly products and recycled notes that demonstrate the different texture depends on the content.

The Nanum Project | 2013


Image Wall

We utilized the characters we created to use as a background for to take a photo with kids, to avoid it becoming a boring explanatory board.

Image Wall | 2013
STORE | 2013