iriver E100 Special Edition

E100 | 2008


iriver E100 was low-cost range mp3 player targeting teenagers and early 20s. It had decent sales result, but it also had the disadvantage of lack of elements, which is not enough to say as simple and minimal design.
When we were asked for the project of E100, it was the right before the mp3 player is released on the market.
It was a short time for the development, but we start over about the product as it is related to music, which is an integral element. We thought we could connect the design with Shibuya style music for the refinement.
We tried to cover the disadvantage of the product, we planned the special edition of E100, with contents, and made the promotional video for a presentation of the product.


Graphic & Package

2008 | by Groovisions x BDCI

Client –iriver
Project Management – BDCI
Graphic Design & Package Design – Groovisions

E100 SPECIAL | 2008


Pop Art

When we started the project, we started in a very simple way from ‘Something different, but fresh’, so it was difficult to proceed. We needed to reset the start, to think about the origin of the project, such as the entry model of E100 and resurgence of iriver.
So we came up with a solution to mix the sub-culture and media, based on consideration of the target and the market. We decided to break the limited boundary of product design and introduced area of pop-art. We didn’t want to simply advocate famous pop art of the mid-20th century, so we looked into young and fresh content to suit the times.
That is how we had collaboration with graphic art group Groovisions, who is already famous with characters like ‘Chappie’.



We noticed the works of Groovisions, such as HALFBY music video for ‘Rodeo Machine‘, so we had a different process from existing projects.
We planned the promotional video from the beginning and then got into product’s graphic and packaging, with the combination of the characters.
In the video, the product is surrounded by vitamins, at the start and end of it, which is the main element of the young sensibility. Vitamins refer as visualized music, which is vitality of youth.




2008 | by Groovisions x BDCI

Client – iriver
Project Management – BDCI
Motion Graphic – Groovisions
Music – Cubismo Grafico



Promotional Video

It is a promotional video for a special launch of the product of iriver E100. We wanted fresh results from the works of the global artists, designers, and musicians.
We also considered about the European market, not limited to Korean and Japanese market, so we planned the project with the graphic art group Groovisions and electric musician Cubismo Grafico.
The video was intended to be an advertisement and installed into special E100 products.




We wanted to create a cute and fun character which everyone can sense the closeness with humor, not biased to somewhere.
We were hoping to express the world of iriver E100 via the video, as the small ants and various bugs come out of the vitamins, and connects to bigger animals, like an expansion of ecosystem. It refers the spread of the market through the landmarks and nature of China, Britain, France, etc.