Product Design

2006 | by Chiaki Murata x BDCI

Winner iF Design Award
Winner Reddot Design Award
Winner IDEA Award
Winner Japan Good Design Award
Winner Korea Good Design Award

Client – Coway
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Chiaki Murata



Coway’s product line up before Petit model resulted from various design studios, so it was like a group of product with a lack of identity. It was hard to recognize the origin without the logo.
They needed designer like Chiaki Murata who can influence the future product of Coway, not just end with one design product.




The innovative design of PETIT model could be realized along with reduced size of the product.
The initial aim of the project was to reduce the size of the water purifier by 60% from existing models, so it can be recognized as a category of home appliances in overseas market as well.

It became the stepping-stone of setting up a new standard of reverse-osmosis water purifier in the Korean market, as the design brought the influential result to have an individual brand of water purifier. It could be achieved under Coway’s market share as a leader.



Vertical Line

The honest vertical line was used to an emphasis on the slim width of the product. The silver vertical line placed in the middle of it stands out and makes it look slimmer than actually it is. The two vertical line indicates the status and remaining volume of hot and cold water tank, and it became as an element to define Coway’s identity, and continuously used for UI for other products.