Oxygen Generator | 2016

Product Design

Winner iF Design Award
Winner Reddot Design Award

Client – OXUS
Product Design – BDCI
Design Engneering – BDCI


Inspiration from Nyhavn
Oxyple is an industrial facility that supplies oxygen to a place where oxygen is needed such as hospitals, water treatment plant, etc. When starting the design of this somewhat unfamiliar product, we thought it’s better to consider the person who manages its transportation process, to approach friendly to the actual user. The design concept is inspired by the facades along Nyhavn of Copenhagen, and the modular design allows the oxygen generator to be separated into units, which can be easily expanded or reduced depending on the amount of oxygen needed.

Oxygen Generator | 2016


Consideration for user environment
While the existing oxygen generators were only able to be shipped by freight containers due to their huge size, Oxyple’s new modular design made to be able to transport even with small vehicles and no cranes required for installation. In addition, unlike conventional oxygen generators, it allows its customers freedom of choosing the installation location, instead of installing them in a hidden area. This results in more cost-effective shorter piping from the device to residential areas and more convenient maintenance. Changes in the appearance of the design was a design that greatly affected the usability of the installation, maintenance, and even transportation.

Oxygen Generator | 2016
Oxygen Generator | 2016


Fine detail & Sense of completeness
It took a great effort for us to achieve the delicate sheet metal bending work for the casing of the Oxyple. The Oxyple’s beautifully folded sheet metal lends a sensuous feel to these industrial devices made of sheet metal. This is another reason why Oxyple stands out from the crowd.

Oxygen Generator | 2016