indoor oxygen generator | 2019

Oxus R is an indoor oxygen generator that monitors indoor air quality and supplies oxygen.
The Oxus R uses a proprietary Oxygen Generation Module that separates and supplies oxygen in the air, not chemical oxygen production


Product Design

Client – Oxus
Product Design – BDCI

indoor oxygen generator | 2019
indoor oxygen generator | 2019

All in One
By monitoring indoor temperature, humidity,PM 2.5, and oxygen amount, OXUS R, which regulates the air quality and adjusts the amount of oxygen generated, provides the user with a pleasant indoor air environment.

indoor oxygen generator | 2019


Built In
Through the organic shape which protrudes from the wall, visualization of the invisible oxygen and the manufacturing limit of the iron plate press processing are utilized as the design advantages.

indoor oxygen generator | 2019


Universality and Expertise
It has been designed with universality and expertise as an important evolved environmental home appliance that is necessary to improve the indoor environment of ordinary households and office space beyond the existing special use environment that requires oxygen such as high mountains, hospitals and industrial sites.

indoor oxygen generator | 2019