FAN | 2014


2014 | by Grow, Ayoung x BDCI

Client – Samsung Electronics
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Grow, Ayoung
Manufacturing Direction – BDCI


The client has requested fan design to enter the Chinese market. The category fan is the low-tech and low-cost consumer products. The client could launch the fan with excellent market penetration, as a promotion effect of white good corporate. We often tend to think colorful products suits Chinese market, but we only considered the convenience for the user and general aesthetic qualities.

Samsung Floor Fan | 2014


Another Attempt
The large clockwork timer was used for this project as well. As it was a simultaneous project with Clock project, we wanted to turn the handicap to a solution. We moved the timer on the side, so the size could be smaller from the front and put the numbers on the dial so people can recognize the remaining time. It was another way of thinking to convert handicaps to advantages.

FAN | 2014
FAN | 2014