Express Juicer | 2017

We designed next-generation slow juicer for NUC. We tried to reduce the time and effort that people meant to spend for slow juice, but focus on its juicing process.


Product Design

Client – NUC
Product Design – BDCI

Express Juicer | 2017

New concept of slow juicer, Express Juicer
We explored factors that lower usability of slow juicers and introduced the concept of cartridges with a new user experience. It was designed to focus on its juicing process and spreading the enjoyment the juice while reducing the time and effort that people use to spend. As if when coffee came into your lifestyle.

Express Juicer | 2017


Form and layout that permeate into your lifestyle
The function, form, and layouts are all new, on the other hand, it is also generality to permeate users’ lifestyles without discomfort.

Express Juicer | 2017