Bloomengine | 2017

Bloomengine is a gardening device to help people grow plants from seed to bloom. By providing light, water, and air circulation into a planter, it creates a suitable environment for plants to grow healthily. No matter how experienced someone is with growing plants, with Bloomengine, enjoying the moment of flower’s bloom is easy for everyone.


Product Design

Client – Bloomengine
Branding Direction – BDCI
Product Design – BDCI
Web Design – BDCI
Application Design – BDCI

Bloomengine | 2017


Design that communicates
Bloomengine is a product designated to focus on flower plants, unlike the existing smart planters which are made for edible plants only. Of course, it is an IoT device using electricity, we intentionally hid its ‘smartness’ and focused on emphasizing mutual communication between the user and the device by letting the users be the protector of the plant. While satisfying complex structural conditions for abundant light, water, and air, the overall shape and interface were kept simple for intuitive usability and its combination with the environment in which the device will be placed.

Bloomengine | 2017


My Smart Gardener
Bloomengine is a gardening device which provides what is necessary for plants to grow: LED light sources, smooth water supply by its water tank and pump, and the optimum air circulation by the ventilation fan. We designed it so that a user can put the device close to them and get the most joy out of growing the plants throughout minimum effort such as by making the process of re-filling the tank easy and elegant. Bloomengine will be a protagonist in a small world where light, water, air and soil co-exist.

New Experience
Pouring the water right on top of the device is necessary only when Bloomengine gives low water level alarm every once a while. Watering the device creates a fascinating view which resembles raindrop from a beam of light and creates a user experience that is one-of-a-kind.

Bloomengine | 2017


Mobile Application
The emotional communication with the device which is brought through the synchronization with a mobile phone application motivates users to gain continuous attention to growing plants.

Bloomengine | 2017


Brand Design

Bloomengine | 2017

Bloom + Engine
‘Bloom’ which stands for the process of a flower come into bloom and ‘Engine’ which stands for a device and the driving force may seem like contradictory two words. But we believe that these are the combination of perfect two words which most clearly describes the characteristic of the smart gardener. We went through various brainstorming to relate these two contradictory two words. In order to blend its brand identity which is expressed through its name, we applied color green, round shapes and expressed the alphabet ‘g’ as the infinity symbol.


Bloomengine | 2017

Nature and the Device
As a combination of colors which best embraces nature and the device, we used green and gray. Green, symbolizes plants and is considered the most comfortable color for human eyes. This provides visual stability and comfort for users. Grey is used to expressing the rational side of the device while maintaining the visual easefulness.