Beverage Bar | 2014


Product Design

2014 | by Fumie Shibata x BDCI

Client – Osmosis
Project Management – BDCI
Product Design – Fumie Shibata : Design Studio S
Technical Direction – Thinksmaker


First Impression

It is the first product with client’s long time wish and desired design.
Fumie Shibata is the designer who suits the message of Osmosis, ‘True Products Last a Lifetime’, with her design philosophy and ability to express her thoughts.
We had the opportunity to proceed the first step of Osmosis, the water purifier combined with capsule coffee machine.

Beverage Bar | 2014



We believed the first product Osmosis will define the first impression of it, so we wanted to make the best of it.
Clear and intuitively expressed design helped to deliver product philosophy in a simple way. Analog element was used partially, and it gives a friendly and live impression,
which is hard to find today’s electronics.

EYES | 2014



We always kept the importance of first product of Osmosis and wanted to give a small but fresh impression. We came up with some ideas.
First thing was to give emphasis to the automatic ‘electronic’ product with a high degree of completion,
and the other thing was to make everything beautiful that user sees, including the rear part and the internal part.
We cared about every corner of the details, and it could be represented by the outer case of it, without any visible screw.
The high demand of insist of designer and manufacturer will be connected to the trustability to the customers.

Beverage Bar | 2014


Exterior and Interior

When we first set the basic motif from branding stage was a shape that is neither circle nor square. It is, of course, the shape was planned to bring out the best outcome with Fumie Shibata’s design.
The combination of soft curves with straight line appears in both product design and branding contents, which gives consistency.


We planned the internal to be customizable structure, for the internal parts to be easily replaced and upgradable including filters.
We always kept in mind that the business model is a new type of one which will grow and evolve. This is reflected by the design of it, as we wanted to best out of it.
The users of the product will be able to see the internals anytime, as they can replace filters when needed.
We tried many prototypes with experts to re-arrange the internal parts’ layout from the scratch.