BDCI is always looking for  the right people.

BDCI is looking for passionate talents with a global level of taste.

BDCI is different from existing design studios or firms.
We have been developing integrated projects from product design to branding for global corporates.
The environment of BDCI will support you to challenge together. We’d like to make a new style while we consider about
design, technology, business and story.

We welcome anyone who is product designer with a sense of graphic design, an industrial designer with abounding experience, BXD with integral thinking, and graphic designer with novel taste.
We also welcome PR specialists who cross the offline and online media and product PR video producers from the diverse professional background.


Permanent employee                Product Designer | Brand Designer | PR Manager | Software Engineer | Hardware Engineer
Freelance                                      Product Designer | Graphic Designer


Five-days/Week, 10 to 6 | Insurance | Annaul salary system


Portfolio & Document Submission > Interview > Notice final result



Required Documents      
Product Designer | Branding Designer | Graphic Designer
  : CV Letter or Self Introductory document + Resume + Portfolio
PR Manager
  : CV Letter or Self Introductory Document + Resume + PR strategy proposal about a product and product design itself
Software Engineer | Hardware Engineer
  : CV Letter or Self Introductory Document + Resume