As BDCI is involved with both product design and branding, regular meeting with Osmosis took part of our routine when we visit Hong Kong. But when we gathered in Hong Kong, this time, we had a certain purpose, which is to open new design mock-up of the second project with Osmosis, and designed by Fumie Shibata of Design Studio-S.
The design mock-up was made in Japan, supervised by Fumie Shibata, and everyone was very excited to see it, especially Tony.
It is worthwhile time for us to see the impressed and satisfied face of the client when they imagine the future through the process.

OSMOSIS | 2015

The second project Compact (tentatively named) with Osmosis is also had the same design language with the first project, along with the branding results.
When you see Osmosis’ products in a shop under the display of its catch phrase which contains the cooperate’s philosophy, you’ll be able to feel the stories with eyes which have been prepared for a long time with BDCI and designer Fumie Shibata.