BDCI is a cross-over design consultancy


It is important to have the infrastructure of various parts’ professions to understand and combine the whole process of design,
and it’ll be able to be done based on the ability of creativity, business and technical.
In this way, we can explore the blueprint of new products and services.

BDCI is a cross-over design consultancy, focusing on design with the involvement of project planning and management, branding and business reframing.

We move effectively but flexible under stable consortium system through the cooperation with multinational product designers,
graphic designers, technical engineers, and integrated manufacture and design advisers.

Our range of activity is not limited to a single field of design.
We start from the origin of the business to reframe, along with branding strategy, simultaneous consideration of product design
and technical engineering, up to manufacturing and packagings.

We carry out projects to satisfy the various background of clients by providing the optimized output of branding contents or product designs,
to support their business needs.


BDCI covers the whole business with design core. The combination of branding group and management group of BDCI support projects, with the partnership of the outside specialists.

This combination of internal support creates the environment for effective project management, depends on the clients’ needs, as it makes easier to form a flexible consortium with related professionals from an establishment of identity, branding, product design, a realization of an outcome, development of various tools to induce the end user’s experience.

Also, the afflicted company Thinksmakeris specialized in DFMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly), for any client who needs the help of IT and manufacturing process.

One of our strategies is to offer a clear guide for client’s business to take a step forward.

BDCI has been raised the insight of business and design, from the projects that cross-over various fields. The design strategy based on this ability becomes the medium to create accurate concept and design, predict the future and produce culture. We believe the background knowledge will be reflected our future outcomes and evolve infinitely. Managing the various range of projects and collaboration with many professionals from different fields helps us to continue to study the design strategy. Diversity is the basis of BDCI and it makes us expand our perspective other than product design field. 

Product design is the origin of BDCI. The product is driving force for a business that started from a small but great idea. We design products with consideration of different perspectives such as aesthetic quality, technology, and emotion, based on the understanding of the market and redefine the product category. The design outcome also includes the form, material and even mechanism of interactive internal parts in certain circumstances. Furthermore, an interactive working prototype could be made upon request, and it be a foundation to confirm the product’s appearance, internal structure, and user interface from the different perspective.

Experience is an outcome of our challenge about how we are going to examine the product and information and to connect their interaction, in the intersection of products in ‘physical world’ and products in ‘virtual world’.

It is hard to see a good design is always the solution for a successful business.

The branding that BDCI pursue is to find a way to express the product’s fascination, to deliver the idea and story behind the good design of the good product to the end user. We want to share the client’s future value to convey the brand identity created by BDCI to the client’s end users.

BDCI develop to state the possibilities of new services that is needed for appropriate branding. The service comes out of the experience of analyzing skills accompanied by a creative process that we learned from branding and product design. We conclude the optimum process through delicate and workshop based on our own approach to the problem solving and it leads to the satisfaction of the client. 


The design process has different aspects and perspectives for various projects.

The vague thoughts and goal of client become real through BDCI’s ability and process.
They become physical products with a tangible outcome.
It is one of an important role to seek opportunity for innovative business.

BDCI prefer to re-define the project’s goal, budget, idea instead of responding client’s request in passive attitude.
We start from re-framing of the project based on client’s concerns and understanding of the essential of it behind the scenes.
We always have two aspects for a project, in branding and product design with technical engineering.

Brand Weaving is the necessary process to give pleasure to clients and clients’ clients.
Every process has different approach and method depends on the characters of clients and projects. The complex messages become dynamic story through constant communication with clients.
It continues to develop after Prototype Trimming, and even after the completion of production.

Prototype Trimming is an effective way to suggest solutions for the problem occur during the realization process for a new concept of product or service.
Trimming indicates consolidation general process of product development and manufacturing process. The design quality becomes higher and higher through prototype making, simulation and problem-solving process. The ideal way of prototype making is to suggest a perfect solution to the client to reduce the failure, which connects to time and cost.


Flexibility, Diversity, Crossover(Unite) = Consilience

Flexibility    Organic combination

A New design strategy and a new team will be formed with appropriate designers and specialists for each project’s properties.

Diversity    Diverse culture and technology
The collaboration of designers and experts from international backgrounds creates the variety of taste as results. 

Crossover    A harmony of diversity
The support of branding group and technical group of BDCI will enhance of the details for the outcome and it leads smoothly into high-quality production.

Consilience    Strategy and reconfiguration
Finally, a new experience and excitement will be one moment when flexibly combines a variety of imagination.